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The Creator Studio is the easiest way to create Augmented Reality events, experiences, and collectibles.

Host AR treasure hunts on the map, transform your event or space into an AR metaverse, make AR collectibles, and create anything else you can imagine — the possibilities are endless.

Here's how it works

Upload your 2D or 3D assets to turn them into Augmented Reality with the click of a button.
Or use our stunning templates to create something new

In-app screenshot of user collecting a PillarIn-app screenshot of map exploration

Drop your creations as Pillars on the map to be experienced and discovered worldwide in our free mobile app
“Pillar World”

In-app screenshot of map exploration

Experience your creations like never before —
AR brings everything to life in a new way that your community will love

Sprite CanOff-White T ShirtPink GhostConcert goers collecting Pillars in AR